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August 2, 20160


  • The botanical name for Hoop pine is Araucaria cunninghamii.
  • It is considered the most important native conifer for wood production in Queensland and is native to the coastal rain forests from northern New South Wales to northern Queensland in eastern Australia and the Arfak Mountains of western New Guinea.
  • Hoop pine provides an ideal wood for plywood, cabinet work, furniture joinery, mouldings and linings and boat building. At one time also used for butter boxes and fruit boxes.
  • Harvesting of Hoop pine plantations occurs once the trees reach maturity at 40 to 55 years.
  • The tree’s name refers to the bark’s tendency to remain in huge hoops on the forest floor after the timber has decayed.

We began making furniture out of Hoop Pine boards when our business first kicked off in 2009. Johnny loved to work with these age-old timbers that were sourced from demolished homes in northern NSW and south-east Queensland. He would carefully select the straightest boards with layers of paint and restore them to their former glory, revealing layers of history in every layer of paint.

As he worked away he’d wonder what was going on in the lives of the people whose homes these timbers came from. What stories these walls would have to tell, if only walls could talk. You can often tell the vintage of the timber by the colours they are painted. And it was like striking gold when a batch would turn up that had multiple layers, multiple decades, multiple stories.

Johnny has made Dining Tables, and Kitchens, Coffee Tables and Bar Settings, Bathroom Vanities and Drawers, Bedheads and Sidetables, many mirrors and frames from these beautiful timbers. Each is as unique as the home or building they came from, each piece set to live a new life and create new memories.

Using reclaimed Hoop Pine became very popular, very quickly and as demand for these unique timbers rose, supply decreased. This wasn’t only due to the fact that everyone was buying it up, but also due to the changes in safety legislation around the demolition old homes. And sadly, it became more cost-effective for the Demolition companies to destroy these beautiful timbers rather than salvage them.

We currently have two remaining Hoop Pine settings available in our Showroom. One a High Bar Table with 4 stools and the other a relaxed Dining Table with 2 Bench seats. Both settings have our distinct Dirty Old Town style, handmade with love and attention to detail.

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