Anyone who knows Johnny and I, know we were both raised in the working class western suburbs of Sydney. There was nothing fancy about it. You made do with what was about, hung out at friends houses, played cricket or footy in the neighbourhood, travelled over an hour on a red rattler to reach the beaches of the ‘Shire’ on the weekends and maybe once in a while blundered about a blue light disco.

You could say boredom led to the emergence of Graffiti Art in the suburbs, and to a great extent this may be true, along with a desire to express frustration and rebellion. But out of this grew a culture of real street artists, following the trends from overseas. Mimicking the clothing, listening to the music, practising breakdance and perfecting their skills with a spray can in the early hours of the morning around train stations and inner city walls long abandoned.

When we found Graffiti boards in Murwillumbah around 6 years ago, the nostalgia flooded back and the possibilities seemed endless. What resulted was a very limited series of Graffiti Art Furniture, and I can still recall each person who was lucky enough to nab one and those who weren’t. And then it disappeared, as is often the case with recycled timbers. So when we came across some while making a salvage run late last year, it was like striking GOLD. Only problem was, the owner of the yard wanted to keep it!

A little despondent we came back home, with a lot of other goodies, still dreaming and wishing for the brightly painted boards. A few weeks later we were back to buy more hardwood and Johnny couldn’t resist but ask again, and finally the owner of the yard relented and parted with a small batch. Needless to say we were pretty stoked.  Enough for two big Dining Tables and not a scrap left over.

Johnny was so eager to get started and made the first table just before Christmas. We took it to the Newrybar Makers Market and it sold within the week. The new owners were so taken with it, they ordered the second one as well. So these beautiful tables will work in unison, one on the deck in a relaxed alfresco setting and the other larger one in the more formal expansive dining room of their newly built Broken Head home.

Once again we contacted our salvage yard to test the waters and see if they were willing to part with just a bit more. the batch was gone, but some of the original timbers we first saw were now available for sale – yay! So today we are off on a road trip once more in search of gold and hope to bring back some special timbers for some very special furniture.