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November 5, 2015by dirtyoldtown

We first met Annie & Stephen, when they’d been referred to us by a local builder who was working on a major renovation of their Byron Holiday home. They had so many dreams and ideas on retaining as much of the original cottage as possible. They wanted to convert it into a warm and comfortable place of peace, somewhere they and their family and friends could retreat from their busy lives, take time out to rejuvenate and relax.

We next met when the renovations were complete and the Cottage had successfully evolved into so much more than a Holiday House. They came to us as they they were looking for a communal Dining Table, large enough to fill their ample dining area and to seat many guests. We had the perfect Dining Table, made from rare old timbers that were once part of a 1930’s warehouse in our local area. They fell in love, and the Table was delivered the very next day.

Next on their wish list was a coffee table to compliment the Dining Table. A custom coffee table was commissioned to be made in a sleek simple design using the remaining timbers from the batch used to make their Dining Table.

On experiencing some raining Byron days it became apparent that the home needed a beautiful piece to house books and games to entertain their guests when it was too wet to enjoy the beach. So they came to us once more to commission a Bookcase. And so to complete the trilogy of Dirty Old Town furniture in the beautiful big living area of the Cottage, a custom designed bookcase was made.

From little things, big things grow. We are truly lucky to meet people who hold our Furniture and what it represents in such high regard. People who see the value in our work and continue to support us over time. They’re a special breed, our DOT Clientele.