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November 24, 2014by dirtyoldtown

My first full time job after finishing school was as a Sales Consultant with NRMA. What I thought would be a short term job to fill a year before going to University turned into an eight year career with the company. I worked in a variety of departments in some interesting and challenging roles. They were exciting days in the Sydney CBD. I not only learnt a lot but also formed some great friendships and worked with some great mentors.

So it was a bit of a flash back when we were commissioned by NRMA’s Brisbane Office to make some outdoor furniture so their Staff could utilise  their balcony. Johnny made two great big tables, some bench seats and stools, in true Dirty Old Town style. And it was a real blast from the past when we paid them a visit a few weeks back to fit some extra castors. After taking some photos of the furniture in its new home, I took off to soak up the City atmosphere, while Johnny took care of the hard work.

I caught the lift down with a bubbly young woman, we got chatting as you do and on asking her which department she worked in, she proudly proclaimed “I’m in the outbound team. It’s great I just love it!” Her enthusiasm was so apparent and it took me back to my young corporate working years. There is definitely something to say for a company that looks after its employees, regardless of its growth and expansion.

Walking out of that lift, greeted by the bustle of the city, I felt a sense of achievement and accomplishment. I’m right where I want to be.