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September 22, 2014by dirtyoldtown

It’s funny how life works, but through reconnecting with my old High School friend Dianne on Facebook, the following clip eventuated. Of course after 20 odd years of not seeing each other, there were a few meetings and a bit of socialising. But its like they say, with true friends, it doesn’t matter how long its been or on what road you’ve travelled, you can always find that common ground and pick up where it all began.

Made back in May this clip captures the essence of what we do and how we do it. Dianne & Husband  Matthias are an amazing team and have a special way of making you feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations. And like us are striving to make a living doing what they love and working together. One day we’ll get to see the out takes which is probably more the ‘real’ us, but on a professional level – here we are!

Enjoy, share, comment. Spread the word and the love.