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July 23, 2014by dirtyoldtown0

Hello & welcome to our new website.

This little business of ours has grown at a slow & steady but sometimes fast pace. We’ve had periods when the work has come in a hectic rush and others when it has trickled in like a slow leak. But in all the ups & downs we’ve been able to remain true to our word, creating unique pieces from recycled and reclaimed materials. Never giving in to the easy road of selling designs and having someone else make our pieces or diverting from reclaimed materials, to clean, dressed, new materials that would have made Johnny’s job so much easier, but so less satisfying or integral. We have kept our products hand made in Australia from reclaimed Australian timbers. Having integrity does not make you rich, but does make you happy.

Along this journey we have met the most unusual, talented, insightful people from all walks of life. And it’s these people, whether they be fellow artists, business minded people, suppliers or our ever faithful clients that have kept our heads above water and helped us to strive to be our best, make the best product and give the best service. We have shared ideas, hopes and visions, been inspired and I would say inspired a few people too. But more than anything, learnt that this is a journey that is shared for it would be a lonely one otherwise.

Big love and thanks to Joanna Kambourian, for without her this new website would not be. To Di & Matthias, who’s film features on this Blog,  for having the patience to spend some time with us and capture the madness that often is. And to our family, firstly our children for putting up with us and our crazy dreams and to everyone else for showing love and support, filling your homes with DOT, it means a lot.

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