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August 5, 2013by dirtyoldtown0


When we found out this little man was on the way, it is true to say our reaction was mixed. We’d just entered the Golden Years. Our 3 older children had reached the age of self sufficiency ( ie could make their own breakie on a Saturday & let us sleep in) and here we were about to dive right back into baby world. And the pregnancy was difficult, then so was the birth. And once he arrived he was so little & needed so much more care than our other thriving babies had & we fretted over his survival.

But these days he is the light of our lives & we just couldn’t imagine life without him. He spreads sunshine in his step, laughter & joy in his smile. He has kept us on our toes from day dot, he makes us young & helps us remember what is important.

And he’s the catalyst for the creation of Dirty Old Town Furniture. He brought the faith & helped to bring a dream alive. From little things big things grow.

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