With his vision in mind it was time to turn the pile of unassuming timber into something beautiful. The process of stripping timbers began slowly, there was a lot of age to deal with. Layers of paint from days of old, to protect and keep the building together.

Decades of weather, of rain and wind and the hottest of north coast summer sun. And what was uncovered was even more amazing than we’d first hoped.

Recycled timbers are so often tricky to work with, you think you’re getting somewhere then they throw it all back at you, splitting and cracking. But these timbers were gold and began revealing warm honey toned grains with twists and knots. Long and straight, rustic yet fine.

Once the top timbers are at a stage of readiness, the frame falls into place like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. The legs, thick and blonde with streaky grains and aged nail holes. On goes the top and it all gets set, and then the sanding continues…….


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