After years of watching Johnny transform old timber and materials into beautiful pieces of furniture, I am still in awe with the result when a piece is close to completion. Johnny often says that anyone can do what he does. All you need is some know how, tools and timber. But I tend to disagree, to me there is a certain artistry involved that you can’t pick up at your local hardware shop, “… and I’ll have a bag of creative talent with that please”.

While I am all for DIY projects and encourage anyone with an urge to make and create, it takes a certain eye to look at something old and see that you can turn it into something pretty special. Get the structure down, fine, but then there are all the extra bits that make a piece unique.

Selecting the right timbers, putting them in the right place and getting the most out of every material that you use. Taking time to sand and sand again. To experiment with resin and make your own fillers, and sand again. To lacquer, to oil, to lacquer, to oil and sand again.

To add in little extra bits at the end, vintage metal, salvaged tin, in just the right place, and sand again. Here is the art, here is the love, here is the soul. This you cannot replicate, borrow or steal. This is what makes a piece of original Dirty Old Town Furniture unique.

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